Tilapia Boats

Do you ever have those nights where you feel like there is nothing in the house to cook? The best thing to do when that happens is just start pulling out whatever healthy random things you DO have and just make something up! This was my story tonight. So I ended up with tilapia, romaine lettuce, onion, a carrot, lime and a bag of steamer edamame.

I left the Romaine lettuce whole, filled then with chopped onion, long sliced carrots (so one carrot would go further) and a good amount of steamed edamame peas…. peas?

I know they are soybeans, but I always want to call them peas. Lol

Next, season the tilapia with your favorite Mrs. Dash

(0 carbs, 0 calories, 0 sodium).

Grille fish on medium high heat 3-4 minutes,

flip, continue cooking until flaky.

Lay fish into romaine boats and

squeeze an insane amount of lime juice all over it…. 🙂

This meal was about 300-340 calories for two boats.


Fun fact about edamame “peas”….

1 cup has

12 grams complete protein 130 calories 6 grams fiber 10 grams carbs

Tons of B Vitamins Vitamins C, K, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Eat up!

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