Get that bikini bottom ready with this workout.

I was lucky enough to go to California last weekend for AMAZING Herbalife leadership training. If you have ever thought about becoming a coach, getting the discount, and/or making extra money, email me! or click here
I’m so excited to build and educate my team with all the new information I have.

While in California, we went over to Laguna Beach to have girls day. Well, Delfina and I never stop thinking about health and fitness AND it was too beautiful of a location not to do a little beach workout. This without is easy enough to do at home, at the gym, in your backyard or on the beach.


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Check out the video to see how to do each move.

Bikini Bottom workout:
4 sets of 20 reps

Upside down Vs
20 each leg
Lift Leg Raises
20 each leg
Donkey Kicks
20 each leg

Have fun with it! Tag us on IG, would love to see you! @getfitwithterra @soylatinafit

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