Steps to Success – Healthy, Active Lifestyle



Steps to Success

1. Know your diet. Read your meal plan and learn it well. Re-Read it occasionally to help you stay focused and on the right track.
2. 2 Shakes a day (Weight loss) 1 Shake a day (Maintain your weight) Keep that in mind.
3. Never skip your Herbalife supplements. I like to keep mine in a tablet case and keep them with me. Take your supplements under all circumstances.
4. Water, Water, Water. Drink 8 glasses of 8oz water daily. Skipping your water will slow down your weight loss.
5. Think, Plan and Be Prepared. Being prepared is the key to success. I like to prep on Sundays and then again on Wednesdays. Makes making a healthy choice, the easy choice.
6. Measure and weight all food. The eye can be deceiving.
7. You literally are what you eat. Buy the best, fresh ingredients. Read labels and be aware of hidden sugar and salt.
8. When dining out – order wisely! Don’t hesitate to ask questions or make special requests. Automatically order all meats without butter or seasonings and salads without cheese, croutons or creamy salad dressing.
9. Vacations and Traveling: You are either on the program or not. “Getting off” your program can seriously set you back or worse, undo everything you have accomplished.
10. Check in with your coach as often as you can. Keep in touch and keep telling them the truth about what you are eating and working out. Honesty will go a long way for YOU.
11. Enjoy yourself during this time! You will start to gain energy and feel amazing!
12. Take it one day at a time.
13. Weigh yourself only on your check in day with your coach. At the same time of day that you initially weighed in. Weight can fluctuate throughout the day even up to 5 pounds in some.
14. Keep a food journal. BE HONEST.
15. You’ve got this. Attitude is everything. Keep your confidence in yourself.

Let me coach YOU. Email me to get started on your HerbaLife Program today!



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