Great ab moves & Omar Gonzalez ;)

Three great moves to add to your routine. These ab excercises are simple, yet really lift the booty and shrink love handles.

1. Funky dance. (While standing, lift your knee up to your elbow. Really tighten your core as you move. Repeat other side for one rep.)
2. Bridge. (While laying flat, knees bent, pull glutes and abdominal muscles up, hold for 3-5 seconds, bring back down, that’s one rep)
3. Knee swings. (While laying, get into crunch position and bring both knees to one side while bringing the opposite elbow to that knee, that’s one rep)

Do each move 20 times for 3 sets. 🙂 

Congrats USA on the win today!
#worldcup #becausefutbol

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