Month: August 2014

My cleanse tea!

I love lemon. And I love a good cleanse!


Pitcher of water
12 mint leaves
Grated ginger (about a thumbs amount)
1 sliced lemon
Herbalife lemon tea (order at

Soak the mint, ginger and lemon in a pitcher full of water overnight. Don’t try drinking it right away lol it has a very strong taste at first and the ingredients need time to infuse!! In the morning, add herbalife lemon tea according to the label.

Drink up and enjoy!!

I would suggest doing this for 3 days, then taking a break from the ginger, lemon, mint mix. Drink the entire pitcher in one day.

Tip: use a mesh colander to strain the mix into your cup so you don’t get the ginger chunks in there 🙂

500’s #Gladiator500s


Every Tuesday this summer we’ve hosted fit camp at the park. We do a few different circuits and here is one of them! Get ready to burn some fat!!!

1. Mountain Climbers X20
2. Squats X20
3. Tricep Dips X20
4. Lunges X10 each side
5. Sumo Squats X20
Rest for 45-60 seconds

Repeat 5 times.


You just did 500 reps 🙂

Try it out, take a pic (bc it didn’t happen if we don’t document it right?! Haha)and tag me on instagram!
@getfitwithterra #Gladiator500s