About Me

Have you ever had to find the words to describe yourself to total strangers? Starting this blog has made me have to do that…. I’ve had to really think about me and who I am…. What do I do, what is interesting to me or about me… what the favorite parts of my day…are? OH GEZZUS. I do not want to think about all this….

Then for a beautiful instant, I thought of writing. “Hi I’m Terra, 5’8 with long legs, a killer sense of fashion and wit to die for….. THEN reality sets in and I know I have to be honest….

Hi, I’m Terra. “Petite” at 5’4 with legs to match, I wear all black every day (Hazard of working at a spa) and am so UNwitty that I have to stare at the screen with the black bar flashing at me with a vengeance until I figure out something catchy to say J

WHAT DO I DO>>> Esthetics… I work at a Day Spa and love it. I am an Esthetician and that is one of the hardest words to spell in my vocabulary….  I am also an Herbalife Health and Wellness Coach. Helping women see the beauty in themselves, while getting fit is my main goal.

WHAT IS INTERESTING TO ME OR ABOUT ME>>>>>> Health & Fitness, All things beauty and anything to do with being social…. That last one is hard for me to say… My husband has told me I need a “Social Media Anonymous” group to join. Find me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest…. I am sure I’ll be adding to that list.


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